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    Problem with installing the video driver



      My pc:

      Windows 10 64bit home

      Intel core i3-3225 3.30Ghz

      Intel hd 4000


      Before that, there was an AMD 7750 video card and there was a problem with updating the drivers (1603). Because the support was not able to solve the problem, I pulled the video card from the computer and returned to intel hd 4000....


      I downloaded the program for automatic detection and installation of drivers from Intel,the installation of drivers has begun, the drivers for the sound have been successfully installed, but the drivers have not been installed on the video card. A pop-up window pops up saying "an error occurred when installing one or more devices". In Device Manager, "Error 28".Windows tried to automatically install the driver and error "0х800705b4".

      The version of the driver I was trying to install 15.33.


      Just say that I tried to remove the Intel driver with the help of the utility's DUU (but not in safe mode, if this is important) and reinstall the Intel driver and it did not help....

      I checked the system through the administrator panel "sfc/scannow"  and everything is in order!


      What should I send you from the information?

      Help solve the problem