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    NUC6CAYH: First screen flickering with HDMI, now USB 3.0 ports do only USB 2.0 speed !


      Hi Intel,


      this is frustrating. When i bought the little one in April, all was running smooth until i started updating the BIOS and other drivers about 6 weeks ago. With the firmware that was originaly on, Windows 10 Pro was running fine with no issues. About 6 weeks ago, after i got the, then latest updates, i also noticed that screen flickering that seems to appear randomly (connected to my ASUS VN279QLB monitor over HDMI). Then, about 2 weeks ago, i did another update and that appears to have crippled the speed of the USB 3.0 ports. With my USB 3.0 sticks and external HDDs i always got betweens 130-175 MB/sec downloading. Now they all MAX OUT at 38 MB/sec. I unplugged all cables, put them all back in again, reboots, loading defaults in BIOS, Windows 10 Pro and the NUC all have the latest updates. But USB 3.0 speed IS GONE !! Only question i have. Is Intel aware of such USB issue ? Or is my NUC toasted for some reason and i should send it back? 


      Cheers ... hoping for an helpfull answer