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    Nuc startup problem


      Hi guys.


      I hope someone can help me. My nuc 7i5 has worked with no problems so far. But all of a sudden when I try to start it up. The screen looks very weird. It shows the boot screen normally, but when it boots to Windows the screen Is split in half vertically. Bottom half is black and the top half is pixeled in coulour. Can't get further from there. Tried the HDMI cable in my Xbox with no issues.

      Windows recently updated. Could it be a graphics driver and how do I fix it.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Viborgdk,


          Thank you for joining the Intel® NUC Community. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with this unit.


          Could you please provide the following report: Download Intel® System Support Utility for Windows*? I am not sure if you are able to navigate in Windows, I got confused when you mentioned that you can't get further. So, if you can please add the file please do so and if not we will find a way to get it.


          To attach a file, you must click "Use Advanced Editor" in the top right corner of the response box, then the "attach" option will appear in the bottom right corner of the response box.


          Thank you.



          Amy C.

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            Hi Amy.


            Thanks for your response. I cannot get into Windows. The picture I have attached is by my guess, the Windows login screen. From there no response.


            When I get a hold of a keyboard, I will try to start in safe mode and hope it starts up normally . Then I will try to get the report.

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              Intel Corporation
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              Thank you Viborgdk.


              Let me know how that goes.



              Amy C.

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                Hello Viborgdk

                Try to boot from USB with Windows Installation Media. Press F10 during boot to enter Boot menu. Chose your USB (the UEFI line) and press enter to boot. If you don't have such USB, you may prepare one: Download Windows 10

                1. Once you will see Windows Installation Screen, select your language preferences, and click/tap on Next.

                2. Click/tap on Repair your computer at the left bottom.  This will bring you into Advanced Startup Option screen.

                3. Click Troubleshoot and you will see Troubleshoot screen.

                4. Click Advanced Options

                5. In Advanced Option click Startup Repair and let Windows to fix your problem.

                6. If Windows couldn't fix your problem, click Startup settings and in Startup Settings screen click on Restart.

                7. When your computer restarts press 4 or F4 to restart your computer in safe mode.


                Hope this helps




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                  Hi Leon.


                  I have tried all of that with no luck. I am not able to enter safe mode in any way. I have even tried to format my c: drive. Even that dosen't work. Now i loops windows repair. Tried the fix for that. Didn't work.

                  I am all out of ideas?

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                    Hi Viborgdk ,

                    You didn't give me enough information to help you.

                    Did you succeeded to boot from USB with Windows Installation Media ? If yes try to refresh your Windows. This will remove recently installed apps, drivers, and updates that might be causing your PC problems. Restoring from a restore point won’t affect your personal files.

                    1. Repeat paragraphs 1 trough 4 from my post #4 above.

                    2. Once you will see Advanced Option screen click on System Restore

                    3. On System Restore screen press on Windows 10 you will start  Windows Restore process.