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    OS crashes and Auto power ON -reg




                I am using Advantech AIMB214U board in my IoT Outdoor applications.I have mentioned specification of the 80 boards on below.


      RAM USED: 2GB PC3L-12800S-111111 SWISSBIT.

      OS installed: Windows XP SP3 x86

      Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N2600 1.60Ghz.

      mSATA: 32GB ADATA


      I am facing below-mentioned issues on my boards.


      1)Whenever I am shifting my board from one place to another place, OS get crashes itself


      2)Whenever I am enabling "Auto power ON" option on my board, The OS getting crashes itself


      The above-mentioned issues are making me to reinstall the OS again and again


      The drivers are not given on their website.so that I am using Driver Pack solution 14V.


      whatever the RAM we are using (1066MHZ,1600MHZ) it's showing the only 800MHz on BIOS.I


      Just I want to know the maximum supporting range of RAM and SSD HDD and mSATA for Atom CPU N2600.


      How to avoid the OS corruption on my boards?