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    NUC7i7BNH screen black/blank once Win10 enters GUI.


      I didn't notice until this week because I was connecting to the NUC via Teamviewer rather than viewing its HDMI output.


      I noticed that the HDMI display was black.  If the device is rebooted, the 10 year old Sony Bravia that it is connected to the NUC shows the Intel Logo and the spinning animation indicating Windows is trying to load but then before it gets into the GUI the screen signal is lost.


      I connected the NUC to my PC's monitor (a 4 year old 27" Dell) and again got no signal except for while it is booting.


      I then connected the NUC to a third monitor (a newish monitor) and got the desktop.


      Since around the time the fall update was installed, the NUC instead of outputting 1920x1080 at 60P was outputting at 59P.  If I changed the output to interlaced at 1920x1080 then I could view the output on the Bravia and the Dell.


      To reiterate the NUC was fine displaying on the Bravia and Dell at 60P from September up untill recently.


      Has the fall update changed the timings of the Video adaptor somehow?


      I would love for this device to be able to output to 60P again.  Its primary and secondary functions (Minecraft server and web server) were fine headless but for the media server duties that was best performed connected to the 46" TV.


      Are there any solutions yet?


      Let me know if you need any data to start investigating.