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    NUC7I3BNK: Crucial MX300 275GB SATA M.2 SSD not recognized


      Bought an Intel NUC7I3BNK and a Crucial MX300 275GB SATA M.2 2280SS SSD.

      Although it is listed as compatible at Crucial MX300 Interne SSD 275 GB M.2 2280SS CT9857401 | NUC7i3BNK | Crucial DE  , the SSD is not recognized in the BIOS.


      Already updated the BIOS to the latest version 0057. Details from BIOS setup:

      - Advanced -> Devices -> SATA : SATA is active. SATA Port shows "[Not Installed]"

      - Advanced -> Devices -> PCI : M.2 Slot is active. M.2 Slot shows "Not Populated"


      I have no other M.2 SSD available to test if the problem is related to the SSD or to the NUC.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance.