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    Intel UHD 620 vs Iris Pro 650 for hardware accelerated video transcoding


      I'm looking for a new small media server (mostly for Plex) and trying to decide on a processor/integrated video combo.  It will mostly be directly serving files and I only do occasional video transcoding but want to make sure it's capable for when I need it.  I'm looking at the dual core kaby lake i7 (7567u) vs the kaby lake refesh i5 (8250u).  From a CPU standpoint the new i5 being quad core is superior according to benchmarks but I would be using hardware based transcoding which mostly uses the GPU.  The 7567u uses uses the higher end Iris Pro 650 while the i5 uses the UHD 620.  In terms of trancsoding high bit rate h.264 and high bit rate 4k HEVC is there a going to be a major difference between the 2.  Don't care about gaming performance.  If not I would rather take the new quad core i5 with the UHD 620.  Thanks.