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    will not boot, how can i flush the mobo?


      hello, i recently put together my dx58so with i7 920, triple channel 1600 corsair 6 gb ram, tried to increase the ram speed, now the unit won't boot, no output to monitors or keyboard, took out the battery on the mobo, took out the graphics card and ram, held down the power button for 15 seconds and still nothing, how do i flush the mobo, or how can i get it to boot, any help would greatly be appreciated, i just hope i didn't just shoot my mobo and processor, please tell me there is a way, before i did this i already got the latest bios update from intel's site, thanks ben


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          You may need clear the CMOS removing the CMOS battery and all power cables from the power supply to the motherboard, leaving the system without power all night, the next day reconnect the power cables, move the BIOS jumper from pins 1 and 2 to pins 2 and 3 and power up the motherboard, the system should boot to the BIOS on maintenance mode, load defaults and save the changes, then power down the system and place back the BIOS jumper to pins 1 and 2.


          If this does not help, try a BIOS recover with the information on the following site:




          This can be done with no video at all, just be sure to remove all components not required for the BIOS recovery, including hard drives, optical devices, printers, card readers, keyboard or mouse. It should take up to 15 minutes to complete (even with nothing on the screen)


          Also swap the memory, try using tested memory instead, the list of tested memory is posted on this site;