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    drastic reduction in performance when compute node running at half load


      We have compute nodes with 24 cores( 48 threads) and 64 GB RAM (2x32GB). When I run a sample code (matrix multiplication)in one of the compute node in one thread, it takes only 4 seconds. But when I starting more runs (copy of the same program) in the same compute node, the time taken increases drastically. When the number of programs running reaches 24 (I gave maximum 24 since physically only 24 cores are present), the time taken becomes like around 40 seconds ( 10 times less). When I checked the temperature, it is below 40 deg Celsius.


      When I searched in the Internet about this issue, I found some people saying that it may be due to slowing down of transfer of data from ram to processor when we run many programs. I was not satisfied with this comment, because the compute nodes are designed to run at maximum load with out much decrease in performance. Also, we are using only 1GB of memory even with 24 programs running. Since we are getting performance reduction of about 1/10, I guess the problem is something else.