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    Intel HD630 New HDR driver problem on primary monitor




      On trying the new HDR driver version my primary monitor, being the first one in the Display Port chain (I have two of the same Dell monitors daisy changed by Display Port), seems to have reduced colour depth, which gives very bad posterisation over images and especially anything like skies or graduations.  This affects anything shown on the display, for example the Windows wall paper, photos, images in web browsers.  If I drag the image over to the secondary display, it's all okay, or if I leave straddling both displays, the half on the secondary monitor displays normal, and the primary monitor is bad.


      This is on Windows 10 and all the display options are 32 bit by default.


      If I revert to driver version it's all fine again, as it has been on previous graphics drivers.


      So this newer driver has definitely a bug somewhere.





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