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    Can NUC6i5SYK using DisplayPort support 4K HDR @ 60hz with OpenELEC/Kodi?


      Dear community,


      I know similar questions have been asked but they are not exactly specific to what I'm asking. I am waiting for a Sony XBR65X900E TV so I'll be switching to 4K. I currently have an old Zotac Xbox running OpenELEC and Kodi through 1080p HDMI to my receiver. I am planning on installing OpenELEC on my NUC and using an Mini DisplayPort adapter-to-HDMI 2.0 to plug in my 4K receiver, then the receiver will send the 4K signal to the TV.


      Before I do all that, I was wondering if the NUC6i5SYK on Linux will truly be able to run 2160p feed with HDR (8 bit) at 60hz? It's not very clear from all the different sources I'm reading. If it can't do HDR at 60hz then I guess I'll try to look for alternative. Also, since it can only do software decoding, will be CPU be running at maximum capacity for ultra high bit rate MKVs? I've got MKVs of about 15GB per hour in 2160p definition. Will the NUC be easily able to handle such decoding?


      My NUC has 8GB RAM and SSD .M2 drive.


      Thanks in advance for your help!