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    Proper SSD drivers for H87 Express and Windows 10/64


      My system:

      • Asus H87M-E motherboard, H87 Express chipset
      • Samsung 850 SSD
      • NO raid will be implemented on this machine.


      I am performing a clean install with a new SSD (Samsung 850).  I would like to know the proper AHCI driver to use to get the max performance with this drive.


      I've looked through many many forum posts and find conflicting results.  The more I read, the less I know.


      I've read this from an Intel representative on this forum: (https://communities.intel.com/thread/44074)

      There is no advantage of using Intel® RST if you are not going to use RAID volumes.


      If you do not need IRST and do not want those services to be running in the background, you may just uninstall the software as otherwise modifying the services may cause unwanted behavior in the software.

      My Motherboard vendor (Asus) only offers some old RST drivers and was released before Windows 10.


      I believe I need AHCI.   What Intel drivers (if any) should I install in my case.


      Can someone suggest what I should install and why?