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    Which are the optimal temperatures for Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz 8MB LGA 1151 box "kaby lake"


      Hi dear community,

      I would like to ask which are the optimal temperatures Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz 8MB LGA 1151 box "kaby lake" no overclock


      1.While the system is idle:

      2.While the system is under high load

      3.Which temps are dangerous


      4.And which temperatures would be OPTIMAL while playing some heavy game like call of duty 2017 for 1 hour without break for an example?


      And is downclocking of the CPU safe?Could it lower the CPU temperature?Also would the game lag if the CPU is downclocked?Also on which temperature this CPU starts throttling,and how can I test it to know if it is throttling?And which temperatures could short the CPU's lifespan?

      my cooling system is

      ARCTIC Freezer 13 CO - Dissipatore di processore con ventola da 92mm

      motherboread =Madre ASRock Fatal1ty H270 Performance Intel LGA115

      gpu= Gigabyte Windforce OC GeForce GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5X



      Please answer to my questions!

      Thanks in advance!

      Best regards!

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          My responses/opinions:


          1. Idle temperatures could be anywhere between 30 and 60. Why such a big variance? Because Windows 10 run a *lot* of maintenance (and spyware) activities in the background. "Idle" is just not what it used to be. I would hope that, with the quality of your thermal solution, your idle temperature is mostly in the lower half of this range.
          2. In Desktop systems, your cooling solution is, by design, supposed to be maintaining temperatures at or below the processor's "Tcontrol" temperature (see my discussion of Tcontrol (etc.) here: Re: I3 8350k temp).
          3. Any temperatures that are above your processor's Tcontrol temperature that are sustained for long periods of time could potentially cause thermal degradation in the silicon and this could shorten the lifetime of your processor. Having short duration spikes in temperature, even those that go close to your processor's Tjmax temperature, do not cause such thermal degradation.
          4. My definition of "Optimal" is maintaining temperatures at or below your processor's Tcontrol temperature.
          5. Downclocking is safe if it is done properly - and yes, it can lower average temperatures. Whether it causes any lag in your games depends upon the game and its requirements and how much you downclock it.
          6. Throttling starts at the Tjmax temperature. See link to my discussion above for more information.


          Hope this helps,