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    multiple monitors intermittent?


      I am running WIN10 with an Intel Display adapter with the following hardware ID






      Driving a Dell 2407WFP-HC (Digital) with DVI and ASUS VE247 [Monitor] with HDMI 1.0. The adapter and monitors are set up for multiple monitor mode.  Upon booting, the adapter apparently does not see the Asus monitor.  I have found that if I go into Device Monitor and EITHER update the driver from version or rollback the driver from version, the ASUS monitor connection is reset and things are fine for a while.  Several times a day I will return from a break and find the ASUS not connected, so I have to go in and EITHER update OR rollback the driver and things are fine again for a while.  Note that this just started happening a couple of months ago seemingly after an update.  It is becoming a PITA to have to continually reset drivers.  Has anyone seen this and can anyone help?

      Bob Weight