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    Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 x64 LTSB no longer supported?


      Is this version no longer supported for graphic driver updates? I can no longer update hardware that's using this version, even when fully updated with all security updates.

      Current display drivers that are posted for NUC6i3 and NUC7i3 builds come up with the same message "The installation package is not supported by this processor type" when downloaded and executed manually. If I run the installer using the Intel Driver and Support Assistant, it downloads and then fails when it tries to install. Looking for a "better driver" using the Windows device manager kind of updates the driver.
      Driver version listed under device manager stays at the same version -

      The one listed under the Intel Control Panel changed to a newer version, it was .4678 but now it's showing
      I reran the Intel Driver & Support Assistant which shows both above versions installed?


      Latest version: x.x.x.4849   Installed Version: x.x.x.4771

      Driver Version

      Driver Date 5/17/2017


      Am I missing something here? I've been able to update the graphic drivers for both Gen 6 and Gen 7 NUCs up to about a month ago. What has changed in with these driver updates that no longer works for this version of Windows?