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    UEFI Boot DQ67EP without keyboard?


      I'm in the process of decomissioning, to cold standby, a Windows Home Server machine built around a DQ67EP motherboard. I was hoping to be able to just put the case in the corner, with a network connection, re-purpose the KVM, and boot it up if I need to get back into it. I never knew, until now, that it won't successfully UEFI boot without a keyboard. Plug the USB keyboard back in and it boots just fine. The Intel Tech Spec says:


      3.6.3 Booting Without Attached Devices

      For use in embedded applications, the BIOS has been designed so that after passing

      the POST, the operating system loader is invoked even if the following devices are not


      • Video adapter

      • Keyboard

      • Mouse


      But if I don't have a keyboard plugged in, it doesn't attempt (apparently) the UEFI, goes straight to the network boot agent, and just sits there trying to find a non-existent boot server.


      I've tried variants of all the BIOS options that appear relevant, but either nothing changes or it just says it found nothing to boot.


      Anybody have any thoughts how to get a DQ67EP to boot the same way without a keyboard as it does with one?

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          But wait, you installed your O/S with UEFI disabled. You cannot just enable UEFI anytime you want (at least not without reinstalling your O/S after doing so). When you enable UEFI, the UEFI boot loader is not going to see your system drive as being UEFI bootable. If it finds nothing bootable, it will default to network (PXE) boot - and yes, sit forever looking for a (PXE) boot server. This has nothing to do with the keyboard being present or not.



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            I don't know what you are saying nor why you assert what you do. The OS was installed with UEFI enabled and boots in UEFI just fine--and has for years--as long as a keyboard is plugged in. Indeed, if I leave the keyboard plugged in, and disable UEFI boot in BIOS, it DOESN'T boot. Re-enable UEFI and it boots like it always has.


            This has everything to do with the keyboard being present or not. Otherwise I wouldn't be here asking.

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              Ok, that doesn't make sense. It shouldn't be falling into PXE in that case. Hhmmm... Gotta be a BIOS bug.


              What happens if you disable PXE completely?


              Are you running on the latest available BIOS?



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                If I disable Network Boot, and boot without a keyboard, it just says nothing found to boot from. (Which, if it ignores the UEFI, make a certain kind of sense.)


                Re. BIOS version, I was all but certain it has to be the latest since they haven't updated it in years. Come to find out Intel posted an update earlier this year, so I'm one level back. I guess I'll have to move all the KVM hardware back over there and see if a BIOS update makes a difference. I haven't put this much effort into this system in years.

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                  Yea, but the update earlier this year was to deliver fixes for the AMT vulnerabilities that were identified. The BIOS itself was not changed at all at that time - which means that this is an outstanding bug that will never see a fix... :^(




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                    Something like that is what I was figuring. I wasn't thinking it likely that a BIOS update at this late date was going to fix what I'm observing. I'm still wondering, however, if there is some BIOS setting combination I'm missing.

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                      As unfortunately expected, the .68 firmware did not change the situation. My DQ67EP will not boot from UEFI if no keyboard is found.