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    Intel HD 4000 with Displayport Return from Standby Problem


      I am using Windows 7 x64 SP1 and Intel driver I have one monitor with multiple connections and I am using Displayport as my main display and extending to Thunderbolt to HDMI converter for a second connection to my monitor. I have had numerous problems with Intel Displayport and the HDMI monitor connection allows me to attempt to fix it when it decides to stop working or provide no display.


      When I return from Standby the Displayport screen resolution is only 640x480 and the Thunderbolt/HDMI screen is working normally and has become my primary display. I have to go into control panel Display Change Display Settings and click Detect to get my display detected again as it uses a Generic monitor. Prior to entering Standby my monitors driver is working.


      This is getting a bit of a nuisance having to do this every time my PC returns from Standby.


      Can anyone provide any help in fixing this so that Displayport is detected correctly, remains my primary display and the display does not go into the ultra low resolution?