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    Is there any more detailed documentation on INTEL AERO's FPGAs?


      1,After programming max10, use the PWM . However, it does not work and the oscilloscope does not show any waveform changes. Confirm oscilloscope no problem.

        (use the aero board Expand I/O)

           a,Program:     top.jam OR AERO1_FPGA.jam

           intel-aero-fpga/aero_sample/output_files at master · intel-aero/intel-aero-fpga · GitHub

           b.Operate:     jam -aprogram *.jam

                                 jam -averify *.jam

                                 (* = top or AERO1_FPGA)


                                spi_xfer -b 1 -c 1 -d 5097 -w 2
                   spi_xfer -b 1 -c 1 -d C398 -w 2

                                (test pwm0)

           95 (References) FPGA · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki · GitHub

           c,PWM0 pin:  

                                pin Name:FPGA_GPIO_05  /  (FPGA pin: N1) 

              I download the Sample FPGA configurations and open the project found the pin.

             pin location according to  https://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/boardsandkits/aero/intel-aero-compute-board-guide.pdf


      2,Is my operation wrong? Or burn the wrong document? Or other mistakes? Can you give more accurate and detailed documentation? (About intel aero FPGA)

      Or give effective advice and help.


      Thank you for your assistance.