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      My TV has HDMI audio but it is only DD 2.0 capable.  However, I have connected my NUC to my AVR through the TOSLINK capable of doing both DD/DTS 7.1.  The NUC is running the latest firmware, the latest drivers and any updates available for the device.  The problem I am having is I can only get STEREO output from the TOSLINK and I am not able to change the setting anywhere.  I see that DD and DTS is enabled but greyed out and looking at the supportable formats is only 2 channel up to 96khz.  I don't have the option of getting any surround what so ever.  I have disabled the HDMI audio as the audio from the TV is just crap like a 1930s radio.  I am running the latest WIN10 available so I know everything is good.  I don't use the wireless and have it disabled in the BIOS and everything else works fine just no surround sound.  Any help would be appreciated.