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    I shouldn't have to de-lid a $300 processor


           I have an i7 7700k that was thermal throttling from time to time. I thought it was from poorly attaching the heat sink so I re-seated it. You guessed it, same problem. Now I don't have a bad cooler by any means, Corsair h80i liquid cooler, kept my previous processor in check. So I did some re-search and found out it is not the consumer fault but rather that Intel uses poor thermal interface between the head spreader and the die as apposed to soldering. So, back to the workbench it went, after waiting 2 weeks for a de-lid kit I successfully changed the thermal interface and my temps dropped from around 190* F (sometimes thermal throttling) to a mere 130 under load. By the way the CPU was running at stock, there was no overclock. That's Insane! the process took several hours to do coming with the risk of permanently damaging the device. How much extra would it cost to manufacture these processors with soldered a heat spreader? Probably not enough to dramatically if at all increase the price of the chip. Now I understand there is a lot of R&D involved, but Intel l is a multiple billion dollar company so reducing their profits by maybe 3% a year by soldering the heat spreaders wont cause them to go bankrupt any time soon.

           Now, if this doesn't get me banned please take this into consideration with your future products. I love Intel, and I love this CPU. I have no complaints about performance but I feel that consumers should be taken into consideration. I want to unlock this CPU's full potential, that's what its designed for. It shouldn't be held back because of poor manufacturing. by the way I mean not to offend any one.....


      Anyway, if you read this nonsense have a wonderful day, game on!


      I'll be surprised if this actually makes it to the forums.