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    Does it support Intel Virtualization Technology?




      We bought a Dell PowerEdge Rack server together with an Intel E5-2420 CPU a while ago.


      The vendor told me that this CPU would support Hardware assisted Virtualization.


      Now as we only have one server (MS 2012 standard) we needed the virtualization in order for us to install Remote Desktop on a virtulized server not running the Active Directory.


      But when trying to install the virtualized server I get an error saying that my CPU does not support Hardware assisted Virtualization?!?


      Now.. why is that?


      The CPU spec. says it does:




      Yet running the "Intel Processor Identification Utility" I get another picture:



      I did enable the feature in the BIOS but I still get this limitation? I do have the latest version.


      I understand that this could be a BIOS issue and not related to the CPU but I have exhausted all options at this point.


      Any help is welcome.


      The issue related to the following: Trouble-shooting Intel VT-x Issues |VMware Communities


      I am even ready to upgrade our CPU if needed and call it erroneous hardware or that this batch of CPU have a defect etc.


      At the moment have a working solution for the Remote Desktop on the same server but this is not the "best pratice".