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    Intel HD 530 max res 1680x1050


      I have a Dell Inspiron 3650 running Windows 10 with an nVidia 1050 Ti installed. I'm using the GPU for compute, not graphics. I have enabled Intel Multi-display in the BIOS. When Windows 10 boots, it installs the latest Intel graphics driver automatically. The moment that driver fires up, my resolution drops from 1920x1200 to 1680x1050 and cannot be changed back. The Intel driver reports 1920x1200 as an available monitor resolution, but never presents it as an option when selecting resolution. I have only one display, a Dell 2407wfp, connected via HDMI to the on-board graphics HDMI port. The problem persists with VGA. My only option at the moment is to prevent the Intel driver from installing and use the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.


      Any ideas?