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    NUC5CPYH with erratic boot problems (Ubuntu / W7)




      Last week I bought a NUC5CPYH fresh of the shelf with


      - 8 Gb Ram DDR3L (Kingston 8GB 1600MHz Low Vo)

      - WD Green SSD 120GB 2.5 IN 7mm

      - TravelStar SATA HD 1000 Gb (very reliable)

      - USB 3.0 stick 32 Gb


      and got myself into an unsuspected situation with erratic and continuous boot problems.



      I tested the setup with the latest UBUNTU desktop.

      During installation sporadic boot problems already showed - the SSD was not always recognized.(approx 4x on 10 boots)

      This resulted in no destination to install UBUNTU.

      Nonetheless I managed to get UBUNTU running.


      I tested the same with a TravelStar HD 1000 Gb, same pattern, the disk was not always recognized.

      Also during the install process with a bootable UBUNTU USB.


      With this confirmed working I moved on to W7 Pro, suspecting UBUNTU might be the problem.

      After the operation of inserting USB3.0 drivers in the USB boot image, I got W7 Pro running.

      I know W7 is not ideal as some (non essential) drivers are not available - but confirmed stable on other platforms.


      The pattern continued - W7 did not always boot properly, activating the recovery partition on the same install.

      This in the SSD drive (TravelStar HD 1000 Gb not yet tested.)


      The BIOS has been successfully updated to the latest version currently available prior to installations.

      When booted, the HD / SSD is always available.

      The NUC boot screen is always there, BIOS is always accessible.

      In BIOS the HD / SSD always shows.


      I did some reading here - I saw quite a bit of boot problems, some also referring to the NUC5CPYH.
      One thread caught my attention - the SATA cable on some NUC units are not standard causing sporadic boot problems.

      Is this a hardware problem also occurring for the NUC5CPYH?


      Any ideas welcome, I am out of options where to look or what to do.

      Last resort is to send the whole lot back as unstable - not preferred at all!