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    OS crash with 16Gb of RAM




      I've finally purchased a 16Gb Kit from Crucial with 2x8Gb for my NUC5i5RYH http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/nuc5i5ryh/CT6997365


      When both sticks are in, the OS crashes during boot time: Black screen, no response, not even CTRL+ALT+DEL, hard reboot needed.


      - Trying to reinstall any OS, it crashes half way (LinuxMint, Windows Server 2012)

      - Sometimes, Ubuntu server (no GUI) would install but have the same crash at random times.

      - It works fine with 8Gb, with either stick of RAM in either slot, which is frustrating.

      - The 16GB are recognised in the BIOS

      - BIOS is updated to the latest version

      - I've been trying to get some logs by installing an OS with 8Gb installed and then adding the other 8Gb stick but the crash is instant and I haven't found any interesting logs so far.


      I work in IT support so I should have been able to figure it out but I suspect a hardware fault with the NUC.


      Is there anything else I should test to make sure either way?