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    Brand new NUC Skull Canyon problems.


      Ok so I just bought a Skull Canyon NUC installed Crucial 8GB 2133 MHz CT8G4SFD8213.16FA2 and a Samsung 512GB 960 PRO NVME MZ-V6P512 these 2 hardwares were Intel Validated. So i plug it up and pushed the power button nothing happened, then I pressed and held the power button nothing happened. So I then checked the power cable it's plugged in looks good, power brick is getting slightly warm as is the unit itself. So I press the power button again and nothing happens so this time I keep pressing the power button and after about 20-30 seconds of continues pressing unit turns on and my monitor picks up the signal for a split second and I have nothing on the screen just blackness the fan is spinning so I press and hold the power button and the unit turns off then I unplug it. I open up the unit re-seat the memory and the drive just to be on the safe side and I have to start the whole procedure again. I press the button and it turned on after 15 presses this time the power led indicator stayed off but the fan is running no signal to the monitor once again HDMI or DP doesn't matter which. So I call over my buddy with a SC NUC and use his memory and M.2 SSD same thing happens I can't seem to get this thing working. I literally just took it out the box a few hours ago. Can someone give me any help does this sound like an RMA issue?