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    is my NUC D33217CK dead or can still save it?


      My NUC D33217 stopped to output video to hdmi. I checked hdmi connector and screen on another computer and it works fine.


      The caps lock LED of my usb keyboard also does not light when it should. I checked on another computer not a keyboard problem.


      When connecting the mouse, its LEDs are on.


      I tried the jumper settings in normal, configuration or recovery mode. I didn't change anything. (If I understood weel if something goes wrong I should here something when POST run)


      I tried to boot without SSD and without ram. No chance at all. Still no video.


      I forgot to mention the power LED seems OK. Continuous blue colour but I don't even see any splash screen at anytime during boot.


      Is there any chance the battery may be the reason of problem and subsuting it may solve problem?


      Is there any chance it is not dead? What could I try ?