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    Disk error repair history, where is it?


      Hi, Recently, Intel Rapid storage (managing RAID 1 with 2 Toshiba Hard disks) notified me that there was a disk error and it repaired it. I browsed all menus and icons but can't find wher I can see the history or which disk has the error and what.

      Thanks for your help

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi ELIASSAL,

          I understand you are looking for Intel® Rapid Storage repair history. Let me help you on this matter.

          I was researching this type of information and I was not able to find history details once Intel® Rapid Storage repair the volume. Please bear in mind the Intel® Rapid Storage does not have any feature to repair stand-alone drives.

          If you would like to know which drive is failing on your computer, you would need to run a drive diagnostic tool from your drive manufacturer.

          Allan J.