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    Atom question


      I want to buy a netbook for work (I like the compact size for my suitcase), and have  been looking at varoius models with the Atom N450 processor, and windows XP.  I want the ability to watch DVD's when I am on the road, and I realize I need an external optical drive if I want to watch movies.  My question is: is this processor able to run an optical drive and still play a DVD movie smoothly?  (Assuming I have NO other applications open other than the DVD playing software).  I have heard others complain that playing a movie on a netbook results in a choppy movie playback or a not so pleasant playback experience.  Any help/info would be appreciated.  Thanks

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          my understanding is the N450 with built in graphics plays MOST dvd fine. It is especialy important to increase the systems memory to 2gb minimum (many support that as maximum unfortunately)

          newer netbooks with ION 2 or Broadcom Crystal HD chips make the load much less on the cpu and I woould think you would want one of those if DVD playback is what you plan on alot versus copying movies into the hard drive and playing from there.

          if seemly playback is a paramount issue i would recommend you get the biggest fastest SSD drive, and one of the afore mentions graphics chip netbooks and copy movies onto and play from the ssd and you wont drop a frame.

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            The performance for this external optical drive you mentioned, will not be based on the processor only but on the whole system configuration (memory, chipset, BIOS, etc). We recommend contacting the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) for further information and assistance.