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    Waking from Sleep mode causes rainbow static lines


      I have an Intel HD Graphics 530 card and Windows 10. After a Windows update yesterday (12/1/17), when I woke the computer from sleep mode, the screen had rainbow vertical lines and static. I could see a square within the window with the vertical lines as well that corresponded with my mouse.


      The only way to fix the problem is to turn off the computer completely with the power button and reboot.


      Here are the fixes I've tried:


      1. Called tech support company who logged onto my computer. When it came out of sleep, they could see my screen perfectly, though I had the static. They also tried updating drivers.

      2. Tried a different monitor, with the same result.

      3. Changed VGA cables, with the same result.

      4. Used the Windows 10 troubleshooter which found and fixed a corrupt database and reinstalled updates, with the same result.

      5. Tried turning off Sleep mode and tested Hibernate and auto display turn-off. Neither of those caused the problem, just coming out of sleep mode.

      6. Tried to roll back my video driver, but the option to do so was grayed out.


      Here is an image of my screen. You can see the "mouse square" in the middle.



      Thanks for your help,