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    R1000SPO server series rail options (R1304SPOSHORR rails)




      Using the server configurator for the R1304SPOSHORR server i get the below rail:

      AXXVPSRAIL (cheap one)


      I notice under ARK for the above server i can use:

      AXXPRAIL (quick fit and supports CMA (according to ARK here 1U/2U Premium Rail AXXPRAIL Product Specifications).

      However the above AXXPRAIL doesnt have a listed part for the Cable Management Arm (CMA), i did find AXXCMA2 but this isn't listed to fit this rail, traveling around the internet i found this AXX1U2UCMA, i assuming this is the one for the AXXPRAIL?.


      We have a 24 inch rack (609.6mm), so will the below work: