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    Intel BXTS15A cooler high pitched whine at high RPM


      I installed the BXTS15A cooler properly with the push pins, and enabled a smart fan curve. Once the fan goes over 2000 RPM I start hearing a faint buzzing, then at 2800 RPM I hear a very loud buzzing whine that makes the computer barely usable at this RPM. The fan isn't hitting any cables. What's happening? Should I exchange for a new one?


      edit: I'm pretty certain the noise is being generated by the vibrating of the plastic fan shroud against the metal heatsink at high RPMs, or during transition between different RPMs. I can easily stop the noise by holding two fingers on either corner of the shroud while the fan is spinning. By putting pressure in different areas of the shroud, I can make it so the noise is lessened or expelled at these higher RPMs even when I'm not pressing, and I assume as I use the fan it will "break in" and become more immune to making the loud vibration noise.