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    Dell XPS 13 Black Screen after Intel Driver Updates


      Recently I updated drivers and BIOS for my Dell XPS 9343 (with QHD touch screen).


      I went to the Dell website to do this and allowed it to detect and install the drivers. It also picked up a BIOS updated.


      After a reboot, the screen goes black after the Dell Logo, i.e. when Windows starts to load and the power button turns off even though the system is still on.


      I can connect an external monitor and see the display.

      I can remove the Intel HD 5500 graphics driver (reverting to the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter) and can see the display on my laptop screen.


      Windows update then kicks in an re-installs the Intel graphics Driver and I'm back to black screen.

      I have re-installed Windows (10, 64-bit) with a clean installation. Same issue.


      I've had Dell support remote into the computer and try then same things I have tried.


      Eventually Dell told me that it was a known issue with a bad Intel driver and that I had to wait for an update from Intel.


      All diagnostic tests report OK.


      So Intel: Dell are saying that you've got a known problem with one or more of your drivers! I've got an expensive ultrabook that cannot use its GPU unless connected to an external monitor.


      Where do I go from here as I cannot imagine that these drivers are causing issues for everyone else we'd see more about it?

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          Try drivers from this list: Downloads for Intel® HD Graphics 5500


          If you encounter an error message about validation, then install driver via "have disk method" as described at:


          (ignore prolog about MS surface)



          Otherwise try driver from


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            Thanks Stefan,


            Alas I have tried numerous drivers both from the Intel website and the Dell website - even tried to see if any of the older Windows 7/8.1 might work but none have. I effectively did a mass update of drivers on my system from chipset to graphics and a BIOS update and it seems this has rendered my screen unusable when the GPU kicks. Dell are blaming Intel but there is no official admission of this issue anywhere.


            My question now is: could this possibly be hardware failure (even if caused by the driver or BIOS update) if the GPU clearly works when attached to an external monitor and the screen works when the driver has been uninstalled? I know that my graphics card works and I can see the screen works but as soon as the GPU kicks in, the screen goes blank. Is there any hardware between these two components that could cause the screen to switch off?


            Note that I have the Touch QHD screen and my model is 9343.

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              Intel Corporation
              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

              : Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® Graphics communities. We are sorry to hear the laptop is not working properly.
              For this type of scenario we always recommend to install the graphics drivers provided by Dell. If the problem remains with their driver, then what we suggest is to get in contact directly with them, because that driver was customized specifically to work with your platform so they might have further suggestions on this matter. Please try driver 4531:
              Since you already try driver 4835 and the problem remains, another option will be to install an older graphics driver version that works properly and then disable the Windows automatic drivers updates, on the link below you will find some instructions on how to do that, otherwise you can always get in contact with Microsoft directly to get that information:
              You mentioned that the screen works when the driver has been uninstalled, that normally means that that the graphics driver that is working is the Windows “inbox” driver, that belongs to Microsoft, so, if the laptop works fine that way, you can also keep using that driver and then disable the Windows updates.
              On the following link you will see all the graphics drivers available for the Intel® HD graphics 5500:
              Any further questions, please let me know.
              Alberto R