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    RAID Configuration problem after Firmware Upgrade


      I have a Intel Workstation with following configuration:


      • Intel S5000XVNSASR Workstation Board
      • Intel SC5299WS Server Case Chasis
      • Intel SRCSASJV RAID controller in PCI-E slot
      • Intel 6-Bay AXX6DRV3GEXP SATA/SAS Expander connected to internal port of SRCSASJV RAID Controller


      I have populated the 6-bay drive expander with 6 seagate cheetah 15K 300GB hard-drives in RAID 5 configuration. The workstation runs VMWare ESX Server 3i (Build 199329). Initially, I have started the process with goal of patching ESX server with Build #226117.


      From the VMWare Hardware Compatiability List, I have learnt that I have to upgrade RAID controller firmware. So I have upgraded BIOS (98), BMC (65), FRUSDR (48) using Intel Deployment Assistant v2.5.2 by chosing Intel.com as download source.


      Then I have upgraded firmware of SRCSASJV controller (1.40.92-0746) and AXX6DRV3GEXP (2.04 -> 2.14) together from DOS.


      After resetting the RAID Controller settings to Factory Defaults from RAID BIOS Console, I have noticed that the RAID level of "Array 0" is changed to "RAID 0" from "RAID 5".


      Now when I am trying to do RAID Migration using "Migration Only" option in Virtual Drive properties from "RAID BIOS Console", I am getting error "Unacceptable Reconstruction parameter". "Change RAID Level" option in "Reconstruction Wizard" in Intel Deployment Assistant -> RAID Web Console 2 is disabled.


      I don't have a export/saved copy of RAID configuration before firmware upgrade, Is there any way that I can change RAID level from 0 to 5 and strip size from 64KB to 256KB without losing data existing data?


      Thanks In-advance for any help or suggestions.

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          Check the user guide at http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sb/CS-022358.htm - the only place I see about setting the stripe size is when creating a new array.

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            Thanks for your response Dan. I have gone through the user guide but couldn't find a viable solution to my problem.


            The user guide says that if there is a "Configuration Mis-match" between RAID Controller NVRAM and Actual Disk Layout, there will be a new prompt shown during RAID Controller initialization but I haven't got that prompt.


            I have deleted the configuration from RAID BIOS Console and re-created new configuration with RAID 5 and Strip sizes 1MB, 256KB and 512KB in the order they were specified. After applying new configuration each time with changed Strip Size, I did consistancy check to verify RAID Array integrity.


            None of that helped me. I came to a conclusion that all the data on RAID is lost. Good that I have a tape backup of essential files. I am going re-initialize RAID and install VMWare ESX Server 4 from scratch.


            I don't see any other possibile solution unless someone in this community can come up with one. This time I am going to install VMWare on a USB stick attached to motherboard to improve performence and to ease future upgrades..