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    NUC 7I7BNH - Peripherals approved by Intel


      Hello Intel,

      I am once again creating a topic about the model, this is what I bought the kit for use as a mediacenter.

      Now, I need to get information on where I can find complete lists of Intel approved peripherals that have been tested on this model.

      The main products that I want to obtain are the disks (hdd, ssd and m.2) and the memory cards, but also external products such as external disks, cases of disks, pendrive, hub usb, drivers readers of media etc.

      The reason for this research is explained because I will be writing a great review in Portuguese, intended for the audience that speaks the language. Such a review is a practice that I use, as a way to promote the product, behold I also review it in Brazil.

      That way, if it is possible to get such lists, it will be very useful for my work.

      Thanks for any info.