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    AMD Intel combination should be to the Jetson TX2


      Just wondering if Intel is going to go head to head with NVidia's advancements in AI?

      Currently the TX2 touts 1.5 TFlops single precision performance of image processing power in a

      mini low power foot print. Good for automotive robotic and other AI projects.

      My hope is Intel will answer this with their new AMD Intel CPU combo to eliminate the need to buy

      the Jetson TX2 and for doing robotic auto AI development. I have searched everywhere and there is no

      other selection. 

      To do this take a small AMD Intel CPU combo Linux add in some additional I/O for video cameras CAN,

      I2C, serial and GPIO and I think they can do it.

      I guess a lot can be done in a year if when Intel turns that huge ship around.