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    Win10 sees RAID1 as SSD, RST does not




      I have an issue where Windows sees my RAID 1 array as a SSD. RST however correctly sees it as an array. All drivers and software are up to date.


      I've had this issue for at least 2 years and has persisted through a motherboard replacement and several fresh Windows installations.


      Screenshots attached. Please advise?


      Thanks in advance

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi WebGremlin,

          Thank you for bringing this to my attention, let me help you on this matter.
          I understand the operating system detects this volume as Solid state drive, this is according to the picture attached.
          I have checked the second file attached and the Intel® Rapid Storage detects the volume correctly. I did not see any issue on your computer. That would be the way the operating system is actually detecting your drive configuration.

          Allan J.