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    Can't Install Intel hd graphics "Intel hd graphics 630"


      it seems that after the last windows update, I couldn't install intel hd graphics, so the screen became dimmed I tried many things but it keeps uninstalling itself.


      what I did trying to solve this:


      1- Checking the BIOS if it blocks the intel driver.
      2- remove it completely and install it from "Device Manager" and intel installer, .exe and.zip.
      3- restarting.

      4- uninstall windows updates.

      5- contacting Intel support, NVIDIA support ( my other GPU, they said to check the bios because it is automatically blocking other GPU if it detects Nvidia first, I tried to change it but nothing happened ), Asus support ( motherboard manufacturer ).

      6- Using Intel® Driver and Support Assistant, sometimes it detects the drivers, sometimes nope.




      what happens exactly:
      I tried to install it and after the restart, the screen become normal, after that it goes back go dim, I checked if Intel HD graphics controller is there, but it seems that after every restart it delete itself " no I don't have a program that freezes the windows" I tried many updates and intel driver installers but they are all the same. what can I do to fix this problem?


      intel hd graphics 630
      i7 7700