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    Skull Canyon NUC, no HDMI or mini Display port to HDMI?


      So I've been using a Skull Canyon NUC for about a year now, and had it hooked up via a mini display port to DVI adapter to a monitor. I just got a 27" 4K display with HDMI and DisplayPort, but can't seem to manage to get the Skull Canyon NUC to connect either by HDMI or Mini Display Port to HDMI to this monitor.

      If I reboot, I do see the monitor via HDMI connection, then it does the boot screen and starts to load windows, and goes completely black and no signal.

      In the Intel Iris Graphics Control Panel, it does list the monitor connection via HDMI2, but doesn't display anything for it. In Windows' Display settings, it doesn't show any custom scaling, Resolution, or Orientation options (all just greyed out drop down boxes).

      I can get it to display via HDMI to my 1080p monitor just fine... How do I get it to display on a 4K HDMI connection? ugh...

      Am I missing something?

      Edit: Works fine with Samsung 4K TV...


      Running Bios 50

      Intel Iris Pro 580 Graphics Driver is: (up to date)

      HDMI 2.0 Firmware was applied


      In Device Manager, it lists the monitor as a "Generic PNP Monitor". I've reached out to the manufacturer if there's a driver .inf I can utilize.