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    Euclid availability and future




      I have a Euclid Development Kit and have found it quite useful as an integrated robot control/sensing package.  I am thinking about ordering more, but the product is consistently out of stock.  I also see that the ZR300 sensor that the Euclid contains is going to be discontinued in favour of the new D-series cameras.  So here are a few related questions:

      1. Is the Euclid likely to be in stock again anytime soon?  If so, are we talking about later this week, this month, early 2018, or what?
      2. What is the future of the Euclid if the ZR300 is discontinued?
      3. If the D-series is the future, what about the IMU feature of the ZR300?  Would that be incorporated into the D-series cameras or accessories?

      Andrew Vardy

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          1.  The Euclid does come in and out of stock.  Unfortunately there is no advance notice of when it returns.  All you can do is keep checking the RealSense store occasionally.


          2.  As far as I know, the Euclid is not scheduled for retirement at this time.  An end of life notice for a RealSense product does not necessarily mean the complete end of that product.  For example, both the R200 camera and the R200 caseless module board are being discontinued.  With the SR300 though, the camera is being discontinued but the caseless module version of it will continue to be available.  So it is possible that even if the ZR300 Developer Kit camera ends, the circuit board may continue in the Euclid.  There is no definite news I can give on this subject though.


          3.  A message from Intel support agent Jesus Garcia on another site last month said that the 400 Series cameras would not have IMU or fisheye.


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            Thanks for the prompt and helpful answer!  With regards to the Euclid's future, I'll just say that the integration of all these sensors and technologies into one package is extremely useful for the robotics community.  Yes, smartphones have done this for us as well, but not with the right sensors or the right OS (Linux).  So long live the Euclid!  ;-)