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    I210 External Flash Programming with a Tegra X2


      I'm making a carrier card for a Tegra X2 computer on module (running Linux 4.4.38-tegra aarch64) and using the Intel I210 to get a second Ethernet port.  I've verified that the I210 works with the Tegra using an external Flash chip programmed before putting it on the board with an image copied from an I210 adapter card Flash.  To make it easier to manufacture I'd like to program the Flash in-circuit.  I've seen the BootUtil and EEUPDATE used to program the Flash and have downloaded both.  Is one of these better for an application like this?


      I'm new to Linux and relying on Google to fill in the blanks, so I've used "sudo -i" to get into root where the EEUPDATE guide says to and followed the reset of the install for Linus directions as I could, it says its successful but doesn't seem to be working.


      root@lamont-tx2|~> cd Temporary/

      root@lamont-tx2|Temporary> ls

      install  iqvlinux.tar.gz

      root@lamont-tx2|Temporary> chmod 777 install

      root@lamont-tx2|Temporary> ls

      install  iqvlinux.tar.gz

      root@lamont-tx2|Temporary> ./install

      Extracting archive..OK!

      Compiling the driver...OK!

      Removing existing iqvlinux.ko driver...OK

      Copying iqvlinux.ko driver file to /lib/modules directory...OK!

      Driver installation verification...Installed!

      root@lamont-tx2|~> exit


      nvidia@lamont-tx2|/> EEUPDATE

      -bash: EEUPDATE: command not found


      From reading the guide it sounds like the EEUPDATE without options should give me a list of devices.  What am I not doing or is this a larger problem?  The I210 shows up using the lspci as an un-programmed device.


      nvidia@lamont-tx2|~> lspci

      00:01.0 PCI bridge: NVIDIA Corporation Device 10e5 (rev a1)

      01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation Device 1531 (rev 03)


      The BootUtil looks like the better choice but my inexperience with Linux is getting in the way.  I've stopped with the BootUtil at the "2.  Compile the driver module." from the guide.  I've found the following directions for compiling a driver but I'm not sure if that's what I need to do with it.

      Compiling Drivers for Linux and Adding Them to your Linux Automation Image | Symantec Connect


      To clarify what I'm after, can I program the Flash in-circuit with the Tegra X2, if so is BootUtil or EEUPDATE a better choice, am I on the right trail with using these tools,  is there any help out there to get me down the road quicker?


      Any help would be very appreciated.