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    windows 7 nuc audio drivers


      I have a new NUC7i3BNH pc with windows 7 pro installed. (I know it is supposed to run on windows 10 only) I have to have win7 because I'm using it as a HTPC with windows media center (not in win10). Everything works except for the audio. Can anyone help with this?

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          Al Hill

          Helping you on a platform that Microsoft and Intel do not support would be SUPPORT.


          Just saying.



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            ...And I thought there was a port of WMC for Windows 10 you could use?

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              Yes you can port WMC into Win10 however every major windows update corrupts it and it has to be reinstalled and setup. By the way the front audio out for headphones works but not on HDMI

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                Audio over DP and HDMI is provided by the Intel HD Audio driver, which is packaged into and installed by the Intel HD Graphics driver package. Since you are running Windows 7 and it is not supported on this hardware, I rather doubt you are going to have much luck getting this to work.


                You can whine all you like, but Windows 10 is the only Windows version supported by Intel and Microsoft on 7th Gen and later Core processors -- and this is NOT going to change (as much as a lot of us would like). If some intrepid hacker can figure out a way to make it work, great, but I rather doubt that this will last for long. I too was a WMC user (with Frontier FIOS) but their upgrade to support their Quantum service broke the Cable Card interface and thus I cannot get any non-broadcast channels through my tuner box anyway.