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    Unable to access full screen scaling option


      First of all i apologise if this has been covered but I have searched all day on the net and read so many solutions (that haven't worked) that I'm going word blind.

      I have just bought an old lenovo thinkpad tablet 2 which I'm very happy with but here comes the problem, i want to run some games in full screen rather than the small window that comes up. When i go to display or adapter settings i do not get any options for scaling the screen, at full screen size I just have maintain display scaling and at the lowest screen size the only option is centre image, that's it. Every solution I have read today says to just change the scaling option to full screen but I can't as the choice isn't there.

      I have the latest drivers confirmed by lenovo and intel driver checks so it must be something else.

      Can anyone please suggest some other way to fill the screen, thank you in advance as I'm sure someone else has had this problem.


      would have included a screenshot but there is no printscrn button on my touchscreen keyboard.