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    Intel AC-8260 with Win 10 32 bit


      I recently tried to install Windows 10 32 bit on a Lenovo Thinkpad T460s.   I had been using Win 7 64 bit; wanted to try Win 10 32 bit because of some legacy software issues. I installed Win 10 on a new SSD; kept the old SSD as "backup." The install, which used the latest version of Win 10 downloaded from Microsoft, went smoothly but when it finished, I had no wireless service.   When I look for the AC-8260 in device manager under Win 10, it does not show up.  I have tried downloading and installing the latest driver from Intel but this does not fix the problem.   It is not the adapter; wireless works flawlessly in Win 7.  I note that I have switched back and forth between the Win 7 and Win 10 ssd's and when I use Win 7 everything is fine but  when I switch to Win 10, it cannot see the AC-8260.  Finally, wired internet works fine under Win 10.   Any ideas?