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    I need openGL for HD Graphics 3000 under Win10




      I have a Core i5 2520M CPU with HD Graphics 3000.

      I use Windows 10.

      I read a lot of articles, but found no answer to my problem.


      I would like to play with a game: Planescape Tournament Enhanced Edition

      Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition - Beamdog - Great Games, Easy

      If you roll down you can see the requirements.

      It tells i would need openGL 2 compatible graphics card.


      But when I installed the game, it says:

      Unable to load openGL driver.

      GL_Version: 1.1.0

      GL_Renderer: GDI Generic

      GL_Vendor: Microsoft Corporation


      So my problem is that: I found no openGL support for HD Graphics 3000 under windows10.

      I asked Beamdog (the game developer) what shall i do, and they told me to ask the manufacturer. So i am here and i would like You guys to help me.

      Do you have any suggestion?


      Thank you.