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    DX58SO, BIOS 5020, and Gulftown not booting


      I tried to install BIOS 5020 on DX58SO + 965 + Windows 7 Ultimate.  Finished Windows successfully but will not reboot or do any BIOS reflash or anything else.  Even tried case-stripping and naked testing with only CD-ROM attached to SATA.  Fans spin for 2 seconds.  Shutdown for three seconds, then startup forever but no video.  Tried recovery BIOS (but not battery removal), substituting power supply and memory and removing all case header connections and hard drive connections.


      In fact, the 965 will not boot a brand new DX58SO or a brand new Asus P6T-LE.  At this point, I figure the 965 is shot.


      So, how does one get a Gulftown to work on DX58SO?  Gulftown does not boot with BIOS on new DX58SO board from Newegg, so I presume the board needs an update to BIOS 5020, the first one that supports Gulftown.  Should I be using ISO BIOS Update procedure?


      Any advice would be appreciated as my confidence level has been much reduced by this fiasco.

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          Wow, bad situation.


          I flashed a working win 7 x64 setup with the DX58SO and the ex965 to bios rev 5020 but in my case it would boot afterwards.

          I'm waiting for the next rev bois to continue my troubleshooting with the 5020 problems I've seen.


          The worst is you don't know if your troubleshooting has zapped the cpu.


          So, step one would be to separate the ex965 from the mb.  Then try to boot / repair  the bios with a known good cpu.

          Be sure to handle that ex (pensive) 965 with tlc.


          You can do the usb / F7 boot with no cd drive.

          You could check the mb processor socket pins for damage.

          I'd check all the power connectors for good seating. Including that sorry 4 pin Molex next to the first Pcie slot.



          So, to be clear, you ran win 7 setup all the way with the 965 / 5020 combo, with it's restarts, then it stopped



          I'd post some questions about the * watchdog / failsafe * operations to see if it ever cuts off the boot completely

          in certain situations.

          And maybe post some questions about microcode update problems.


          If this path is closed, ( no replacement cpu ) I guess all you could do is beat on Intel support for replacements.


          As for the ex980 I'd sure make sure I had a board that would boot to 5020 first.

          With the problems posted here, I' say that the 5020 bios wasn't very safe yet, and maybe waiting for the next rev

          Intel bios might be good.


          With as much money as that Gulftown is at stake, I'd think a cheapo i7 920 as a test pony would be a good investment.






          PS Unless you've got a really great relationship with Intel support.

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            Flashing the BIOS won't do anything to your CPU. It may just hose your current BIOS. Did you try to recover back to a previous bios? Remove the CMOS battery and let it sit for a few minutes before you try.

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              • 965 was OK.
              • DX58SO was hosed. Even battery removal and CMOS recycling would not resurrect this motherboard.
              • Installed 5020 or later BIOS using USB-floppy install method on a new DX58SO. Then Gulftown installed and runs fine.
              • The Gulftown is a prodigious processor. It routinely generates 20-25,000 points per day in Folding@Home while also driving two GTX 460 graphics cards.