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    AC8260 can not connect to wifi network - urgent, please help


      Hi I have a DELL Precision 5520 laptop running windows 10 enterprise version. I recently get a new ATT NVG599 modem, I can not connect to the home wifi network. It sees the wifi network but just wont connect. I tried several ways and even asked ATT to send me another dual band DSL router. Please help, I am a tech guy and I tried following:


      - reboot router/laptop

      - change wifi to open network

      - change adapter parameters

      - scan for updated driver

      - talk to ATT support


      I know router is ok because I have other laptops and iphone connect to this wifi without any problem, and this laptop worked with previous DSL modem (2wire single band) with out problem, though at lower speed.


      Is it possible the adapter driver need some change or parameter tuning?


      Appreciate any help.