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    Multiple Displays with Intel Graphics HD 630


      I recently got a new computer with an integrated Intel Graphics HD 630. I used it with extended Dual Monitors


      I then decided to add a third monitor to the extended display.


      The problem is that whichever monitor is connected last will display only a black screen. All monitors are detected and the monitor itself does not show an unconnected screen, it just shows a black screen. The black screen monitor is even in use and I can move windows onto it, I just can't see them.


      I can tell you what monitors I have and how they are connected, but only the last monitor connected displays this behavior. So it could potentially be any of them. I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting them in various ways and it's always whichever is added as the third monitor.


      Digital Display DELL D2414H

      Digital Display2 SyncMaster

      Digital Television ASUS VS247


      There are only three ports on my computer - HDMI, VGA and Display Port - so I'm using all three.


      I'm using connections these converters to the three monitors


      HDMI out to DVI in

      Display Port out to HDMI in

      VGA out to VGA in