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    Can the RealSense d400 series sense through window glass?


      Apologies if this may have been asked earlier, but I can't seem to find a good forum search tool...


      Curious if the d410/d415 and in particular the d430/d435 an sense depth through common window glass.  My guess is yes because they use stereo RGB cameras for depth from what I understand.  There is an infrared projector, which is more likely to be blocked (answers would be great!), but my understanding is that the projector only adds texture to flat images, and is not necessary for depth sensing on textured subjects and can even be disabled...


      Thoughts?  Maybe our all-star, @MartyG?!?!

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          Thanks for your kind words. 


          In general, depth sensing cameras do have their image quality potentially deteriorated by reflective surfaces such as glass and spectacles.  This is why shiny jewelry is difficult to get a good 3D scan of unless you coat it in something that dampens the reflection, such as a fine spray-on powder (baby powder or foot powder) or a specialist anti-reflective 3D scanning spray like the one below.




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