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    Too late to enable create RAID volume?


      I installed a new hard drive on my computer that already had the raid controller set up for one hard drive, and then I plugged in the old HD in as a back up giving me 2 HD's.

      Now when booting I get the message showing both drives saying  "RAID volumes are undefined" with the option to enter the configuration utility. In the utility I am presented with the options to "create a RAID volume", "Delete RAID volume" or "Reset Disks to Non-RAID".

      It then lists the two disks and after each one says "Non-RAID Disk"

      RAID is turned on in the BIOS and was when I put these drives in.

      I was unfamiliar with RAID and I have read up on this a bit and now realize I should have set it up prior to installing an OS on the drives, but now I have windows 7 and do not want to loose it.

      If I'm correct in what I have read if I "Reset Disks to Non-Raid" I will loose the data on the disks.

      But can I "Create RAID volume" now on these disks without loosing my Operating sytem or should I just leave it as it is and keep having this message display each time it boots?

      It is slowing down boot times and I suspect slowing down the computer as a whole since I did not set up the RAID volume in the first place.


      Thanks for any help anyone can offer.


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          I took out the second drive and rebooted and the message went away, I have to asssume the first drive is now properly run as a RAID volume since I no longer get the message about it being not. But it is still slow as anything. Wasn't windows 7 suppposed to be better then VISTA? I am not seeing any evidence of that. It certainly is no faster.

          I still use primarally Linux on my netbook. Windows sucks...