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    Intel I219-LM no connectivity


      Hi all


      We are currently experiencing an issue on several Dell latitude 5480/5580 laptops that have the Intel I219-LM ethernet adapter.


      All laptops are running the latest version of Windows 10. Plugging in Ethernet to these laptops, they receive the correct DHCP information. the correct DHCP and DNS servers are displayed in the ethernet properties and they receive the correct IP information. However, after receiving the information from our DHCP server, we are not able to ping: default gateway, DHCP, Active Directory, DNS, or any other internal or external resource.


      These are connected through Extreme Summit Switches. Connecting the laptops to an external dock with ethernet capability will allow the laptop to regain network connectivity and act normally. The drivers are fully up-to-date. Working on a campus with a number of buildings, separated by VLAN/subnets, we can try troubleshooting techniques and maybe eventually get it to work, either by sheer tenacity or dumb luck -- manually inserting it into our network access control, enabling/disabling ports, etc. But there is no consistent way to fix the issue, it's hit-or-miss.


      I'm wondering if there is anyone else that is experiencing this issue or has experienced this issue, or if I can get any feedback regarding a way to troubleshoot.


      If any more information is necessary that I've left out please let me know and I'll be happy to supply that.


      Thank you.